Hay for Horses and Livestock

HayCo strives to bring you the quality hay you need at the price you can afford for all of your livestock needs, particularly horses, alpacas and cattle. We work with our growers to create excellent quality hay and to deliver consistent premium products to equine and livestock owners all over Colorado and the surrounding states. Our hay bale size covers the following spectrum:
  • Small Squares
  • 3' x 3' x 8's
  • 3' x 4' x 8's
  • 4' x 4' x 8's
  • Large Rounds
Our hay types will be traditional to the region in which they are grown and include:
Orchard hay is high quality, bunch grass that is grown in Colorado and other surrounding states. We work with growers who consistently put up premium hay. This hay is more palatable than other grass hays such as brome or blue grass and is much sweeter than most other grasses, with a moderate to high sugar content. Typically, orchard grass has slightly higher protein levels than that of timothy or brome hay depending on when it was cut and the climatic conditions in which it was grown.
Timothy is an abundant perennial, bunch grass grown typically at higher elevations.  It provides quality nutrition and roughage content and is commonly used to feed horses, cattle and dairy cows.  It is relatively high in fiber, especially when cut late, with moderate sugar content.  Its rough texture assists with grinding teeth down which keeps both the teeth and jaw healthy.  Protein levels will vary depending on when it is cut and the climatic conditions in which it was harvested.  Timothy hay is highly digestible and promotes bowel regularity, which make it very popular in the equine world. 
Brome hay is a commonly used annual, broad bladed, bunch grass and grows on the plains.  It is also frequently grown with other types of grasses.  Horses and cattle are commonly fed this hay.  Brome hay is generally lower in protein than orchard grass depending on when it is cut and what the weather conditions were where it is grown. 
Our mixed grasses hay may have a variation of the following:  brome, timothy, meadow grass and native grass.  Mixed grass hay offers horses and cattle a variety and is usually quite palatable.  It offers a great source of roughage and fiber.  Protein levels vary and fluctuate with the time of year it was cut and the weather conditions in which it was grown. 
Alfalfa is a perennial forage legume that is higher in protein than most grass hays and typically grows well on irrigated land and warmer temperatures in dryland regions.  Alfalfa is particularly high in energy, a great source for vitamins and minerals and is more palatable than most grass hays. It is high in protein and has highly digestible fiber with lower sugar content.   It is commonly used for dairy and beef cattle along with performance horses.  It is often fed to young growing animals, breeding stock and highly active horses. 
Alfalfa/orchard grass hay mix is a very nice combination for horses, offering a mix of protein, fiber, roughage and palatability.  We carry various percentage mixes, but the split is up to the consumer depending on the desired purpose for feeding whether for performance or maintenance.  
HayCo offers a variety of different types of cow hay in grass, alfalfa, alfalfa/grass mix and sorghum-sudan mix.  Please call us at 719-481-3575 to further discuss your needs.